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VACBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: VACBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   VACBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Icon_minitimeMon Feb 02, 2009 2:30 am

12:32 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: come play!!!
12:33 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: go die
12:33 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: why
12:33 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: u know y
12:33 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: nope
12:33 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: im vac baned u fucking re re
12:34 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: ahahhaha so come play
12:35 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: i cant im vac baned u fucking dumbass
12:35 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: oh i know im playing tho
12:36 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: now how the hell does a shit player like your self get vac ban?
12:36 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: fuck u i own u evryday of ur life and idk b.c i dont hack at all its all skill i just think thare jelous
12:37 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: of you ahhaha they must suck really really really really and i mean really bad
12:38 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: i own u evry day of ur life
12:38 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: ok prove it play me right now oh wait you cant so sorry
12:38 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: yeah u talking all that shit now but if i wasent u wouldent be so reckless
12:39 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: oh sure i would doing the same shit
12:40 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: hey im in tLmc now xD
12:40 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: bfs who recuted u?
12:40 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: recruted*
12:40 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: rev
12:40 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: bfs ill call him right now
12:41 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: ahahah
12:41 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: im calling him now
12:41 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: okay
12:42 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: wait first off your a retard
12:42 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: how
12:42 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: now why would i join tLmc when i own a cclan that never lost to them or anyother clan
12:43 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: bs
12:43 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: and i know rev would never recrute ur sorry ass
12:43 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: yeah cause im too good for your clan
12:44 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: bs dude
12:44 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: i seen u play
12:44 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: ahaha yeah
12:44 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: im reallyybad arent i
12:44 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: dude the only reason u were in R was b,c i dident play my hardest
12:45 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: b.c were so i let u in
12:45 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: i wasnt in R
12:45 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: oh shit wrong person -_-
12:45 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: ahaha
12:45 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: i gotta lay off the pot
12:46 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: yes you do
12:46 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: never!
12:46 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: i was your ldr bitch
12:46 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: pshhhh
12:46 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: ktf
12:46 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: i wanna get an acc so bad just to show u
12:46 AM - [FF]¤|Я|.:¤βσяท¤тσ¤ĸιĩl:¤|тLмс: and i havent been playing in like months
12:47 AM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ: oh im so bored i wanna 1v1 and lose right now to someloser that thinks hes good play!!!
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