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 WoW is For Nerds

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PostSubject: WoW is For Nerds   WoW is For Nerds Icon_minitimeTue Apr 28, 2009 9:31 pm

Tuesday, April 28, 2009
7:20 PM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ FuckTestingOffroad!: come play and get in vent
7:20 PM - ﻛрŋғ™️element_GE|2MAN: im diong ulduar with the guild
7:20 PM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ FuckTestingOffroad!: sorry i dont speak wow nerd
7:21 PM - ﻛрŋғ™️element_GE|2MAN: hahha, this will only be the second time ive done it with them
7:21 PM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ FuckTestingOffroad!: o.o with guys?
7:50 PM - ﻛрŋғ™️element_GE|2MAN: lots of guys
8:02 PM - ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ FuckTestingOffroad!: gay
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WoW is For Nerds
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