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 One Slip Up And Your Ban

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One Slip Up And Your Ban Empty
PostSubject: One Slip Up And Your Ban   One Slip Up And Your Ban Icon_minitimeSun May 31, 2009 1:29 am

AlienFromHell: hello Jonathon
AlienFromHell: you dont need to be so Q_Q over my peti actions
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: ahah what?
AlienFromHell: did i seriously hurt your feelings THAT bad?
AlienFromHell: i cant do shit to your server anymore
AlienFromHell: only crash it
AlienFromHell: only reason to crash is for a ban
AlienFromHell: ill play respectably
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: dude but you dont follow the rules and how am i gunna trust u
AlienFromHell: wut rules?
AlienFromHell: wut do you mean "trust"
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: you spam music
AlienFromHell: LOL
AlienFromHell: SPAM?!
AlienFromHell: play a song once every other day.. maybe
AlienFromHell: okay
AlienFromHell: its over
AlienFromHell: now i just wanna be a citizine
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: haha
AlienFromHell: may i/
AlienFromHell: i dont wanna cause your server hell
AlienFromHell: you do know im a god
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: your not a god or you would be in my server right now
AlienFromHell: lol
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: well idk
AlienFromHell: sha'll i crash it right now then instead of anyone playing in it?
AlienFromHell: you can through away this expired beef right now by unbanning
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: see if you want to play on my server your making a threat
AlienFromHell: or create an army of fungus for forever growth upon your server
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: why you making threats on my server if you want to play here
AlienFromHell: because im a threatening person
AlienFromHell: they will stop once i have access to participate in ur server
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: okay well thats one reason why your ban
AlienFromHell: cuz im makin threats
AlienFromHell: i told you when they'll stop
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: yeah your making threats to get your way not going to happen
AlienFromHell: sha'll i use brute-asshole-force?
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: well thats up to you if you ever want to play in my server i say no if you dont go ahead
AlienFromHell: how do i get back in your server hmmm?
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: and if you keep making threats ill never stop baning you
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: well one stop making threats
AlienFromHell: done.
AlienFromHell: any other requests?
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: stop playing music in the server and dont hack or crash our server again for any reason
AlienFromHell: werd
AlienFromHell: @unban
AlienFromHell: they right choice is in your fingertips
AlienFromHell: make sure you tell your members to chill on me
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: hmm.. who said i was done
AlienFromHell: make a list damnit
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: well if you do something like talk shit to a member you will get muted
Doobie is now playing Counter-Strike: Source. Click here to join.
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: this is your last shot to play here if i find out you did something to anyone like crash there css or something like that im just going to ban you for good
AlienFromHell: werd
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: you agree to this yes or no
AlienFromHell: werd
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: yes or no
AlienFromHell: yes
ﻛрŋғ™️๖ۣۜҒяэđ MsgMeIfAnyProblems: okay
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One Slip Up And Your Ban
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