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 Magic Sticks App :P

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fails at life
fails at life

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PostSubject: Magic Sticks App :P   Magic Sticks App :P Icon_minitimeSat Jan 03, 2009 2:27 pm

Real name:Will
Name used in-game: Tha Magic Stick
Do you have a mic or headset:Standard Razz, Siberias <3
Who suggested SpNf to you: Urmmm, i wanted an sk clan that i could practice with and improve, so i spoke to spanky Razz
How often are you on: Every night give or take
Will you use our vent frequently: as much as possible
What can u bring to SpNf:Skillz when i have got back into the groove again =]
Who do you like more, Spanky or Fred: don't really kno the lads yet, but im gonna be on regular =]
Can you donate: Sure in time if i become established in the clan.
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Uneasy Crosshairs
Uneasy Crosshairs

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PostSubject: Re: Magic Sticks App :P   Magic Sticks App :P Icon_minitimeSun Jan 04, 2009 11:17 am

thanks for app brotha man. ill talk to you about it more today
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Magic Sticks App :P
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